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Old Friends Are New Strangers




April 2023


The sisters' debut EP "Old Friends Are New Strangers" is a collection of songs based on strangers throughout their lives. Whether it was a few years or a few minutes, it was these interactions that inspired this EP. Old Friends Are New Strangers is centered around the last song “Like Strangers Do”, a song that sums up what it felt like to be friends with people you hadn’t seen in a while, and realize that everyone has changed, and somehow you had no idea.

released April 14, 2023

Deary Brower - guitar, vocals
Alix Brower - guitar, vocals
Peter Mavrogeorgis - additional guitars, keyboards
Jackson Matayo - drums
Jeremy Johnson - keyboards

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Peter Mavrogeorgis @ Dollhouse Studios, Atlanta, GA 2022

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